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Plastic Pigments

Plastic pigments are pigments that can change the color of plastic materials.


There are three main coloring methods for plastic pigments: the first is to use powder pigments directly, the second is to mix with plasticizer to make a paste and then mix, and the third is to use color masterbatch to mix.


The most basic requirements for paints used in plastics: temperature resistance, non-migration, easy dispersion, and fast sun exposure.


Inorganic pigments belong to metal oxides. Generally speaking, high-temperature resistance and non-migration are suitable for almost all plastics. However, they have low coloring power, incomplete color types and low cost performance, and some of them contain heavy metals.


Oil - soluble pigment high cost performance, complete color, suitable for PS POM ABS PC few suitable for PA


Organic pigments have various types, complete colors, high cost performance and different performance. According to the characteristics of pigments, they are suitable for all kinds of plastics, mainly for PP PE, PVC and PU PS


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