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Pigment Red 185

Pigment Red 185


Refractive index: 1.722


Melting point: 335-345 DHS C


Density: 1.3 to 1.4


The molecular formula is C27H24N6O6S. The pigment gives blue color and red color, and the color Angle is 358.0 degrees (1/3SD,HDPE). It is almost completely insoluble in general organic solvents and resistant to sterilization. Heat resisting 220℃/10min in printing ink, suitable for metal decoration and laminated plastic film printing ink, light fastness is 6-7 (1/1sd); Used for plastic coloring, good transfer resistance in soft PVC, light fastness grade 6-7 (1/3SD), also used for PE coloring, heat resisting <200℃, and polypropylene pulp coloring.

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