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Color masterbatch was first developed in western European countries in the 1960s, and China started relatively late in the research of this aspect. In the late 1970s, Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin and other places began to Produce color masterbatch. In the mid-1980s, Beijing yanshan petrochemical and guangdong xinhui started from ciba-geig

Y, Hoechst and other companies introduced wet and dry process technology and equipment, China's color masterbatch industry into a rapid growth period. Pigments as pigment manufacturers, provide high quality masterbatch pigments.

The requirements of masterbatch technology are very strict. The masterbatch technology is wet process. Transparent red 254 product color: yellow red light resistance: grade 5 weather resistance: grade 3-4 acid resistance: grade 3-4 alkali resistance: grade 3-4 migration resistance: grade 3-4 application range: hard plastic material application amount: 0.02% specification. Color masterbatch is made by water phase grinding, phase conversion, washing, drying and granulation, only in this way can the product Quality be guaranteed. In addition, while grinding the pigment, a series of color masterbatch technology tests should also be carried out, such as the determination of the fineness of the abrasive slurry, the determination of the diffusion property of the abrasive slurry, the determination of the solid content of the abrasive slurry and the determination of the fineness of the pigment and other items

What is the mother color? Why use color master?

Color masterbatch, also known as color variety, is a super constant pigment or dye uniform (j.

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