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Direct Blue 151 (Copper Blue 2R)

1.Detailed description
(1). Product Name :
C.I. Direct Copper Blue 2R; Direct Blue 151

(2). Product details:
Type: Direct dyes
CAS No.: 110735-25-6
Formula : C34H25N6Na2O10S2
Molecular Weight: 773.7
H.S.CODE: 32041400
Appearance : Blue Powder
C.I.NO.: Direct Blue 151

Specification: 100%

OWF(%): 2.0

2.Application :
1. Mainly for cotton and viscose fibre dyeing, good dyeing performance.
2. Also can be used directly for printing or color mixture with yellow,orange,brown,red and others.
3. Also can be used on natural silk,wool,paper and leather dyeing.


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