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Vat Blue 6 (Vat Blue BC)

Molecular Formula:C28H12Cl2N2O4

Molecular Weight: 511.31

CAS Registry Number:130-20-1

Properties and Applications:  

Brilliant blue.

Aquamarine blue powder.

Slightly soluble in hot Chloroform, 2–Chlorophenol and hot Pyridine ; Insoluble in water, Acetone, Etanol and Toluene. Alkaline reduction leuco for green light yellow, acid reduction leuco for red light blue. In concentrated sulfuric acid for brown, dilution for blue. More sensitive to hard water.


Mainly used in cotton fiber dyeing, easy excessive reduction and excessive oxidation, the dyeing speed, generally not used for printing.

Used for silk dyeing, levelness and affinity are good.

Used to stick/cotton blended fabric cold dyeing, uniform color.

Also can be used for polyester/cotton two bath dyeing. Can also be processed into organic pigment.

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