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Disperse Printing Paste


Suitable for polyester, polyamide fiber, polypropylene fiber, disperse dyes for direct printing thickening and burnt thickening, also compatible with textile printing and dyeing thickener (mixed use). Can meet the requirements of flat screen, rotary screen, roller dyeing machine.


1. Process prescription: the original paste is equipped:
Disperse printing paste CY-317HB 9%
Water or other 91%
Synthesis 100%
Note: CY-317HB is slowly dissolved in cold water according to the required amount, and dissolved and stirred to avoid agglomeration. Stirring is continued for at least 30 min. The paste can be placed for one night to facilitate maximum expansion. If hot water (about 70 ° C) is used, the dissolution and expansion can be accelerated. Add organic acid, adjust the pH of the stock paste to 5, according to the viscosity of the printing paste, take 30%-65% of the appropriate amount of the reserve paste to prepare the color paste.
2. Process: Disperse printing paste preparation → rotary screen or flat screen printing → drying → steaming fixation (180-185 ° C, 6-8 min) → water washing.
The specific process should be adjusted by the user as appropriate.

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