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Wool Color Fixing Agent

Performance and characteristics
1. It can significantly improve the wet fastness (water wash resistance, perspiration resistance, chlorine resistance, seawater fastness, etc.) of acid and metal complex dyes after dyeing and printing on nylon (nylon) fibers, as well as high temperature water fastness. It is especially suitable for dyeing of nylon knitted fabrics (swimwear, women's underwear) and fixing after printing.
2. It is added during the dyeing of nylon (nylon)/wool, nylon (nylon)/cellulosic fiber (cotton, viscose, modal, tencel, etc.) to prevent the dye from staining on nylon (nylon) fibers.
3. The nylon (nylon) and nylon blended printed fabrics prevent white soil contamination during the washing process.
4. High efficiency, low foaming, no effect on light fastness.
5. Good stability, strong acid resistance, no acid adjustment when fixing

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