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Introduction to the principle of mercerizing process 5

4. the main factors of mercerizing process:


The basic conditions of the mercerizing process are the concentration of the NaOH solution, temperature, duration of action, tension and de-alkali.

1). alkali concentration

Main factors affecting the effect of mercerizing

① Change in length and diameter of cotton fiber treated with different concentrations of caustic soda solution:

Concentration >8%, diameter increases, length shortened to maximum

② shrinkage and dyeing of cotton yarn in different concentrations of NaOH solution

③ cotton silk mercerizing concentration requirements (C and shrinkage and enthalpy relationship)

When C=177g/L, the enthalpy value is 150, C=245g/l, and the enthalpy value is the highest.

C=240~280g/l, the shrinkage tends to be stable.

Therefore, the most suitable caustic soda concentration of mercerizing is about 245g/l. Considering the factors such as the alkali absorption of the fabric itself and the alkali consumption of the acid gas in the air, the mercerized alkali concentration of the cotton cloth is 260-280 g/l. In actual production, it can be selected according to the quality of the semi-finished products and the quality requirements of the finished products.

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