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Introduction to the principle of mercerizing process 3

3. the evaluation of mercerizing effect:


1) luster

One of the main indicators for measuring the appearance of mercerized fabrics.

It can be measured by variable angle photometry, polarized light method, etc., but there is no uniform ideal test method. At present, it is often evaluated by visual inspection.

2). Microscopic section observation of fiber morphology changes

3). adsorption performance

(1) Depreciation method: It is a common method for checking the effect of mercerizing, with large depreciation and good mercerizing effect.

Cotton 钡 value = 100, 钡 value > 150 means full mercerizing, generally 135 ~ 150.

(2) Iodine absorption method

(3) Iodine staining and dyeing test method:

Samples with different enthalpy values (100-160) were treated with a certain concentration of iodine liquid h or direct blue 2B dyeing solution to prepare a color card, and then the iodine staining and dyeing depth of the unknown sample was compared with the color card, and quantitative evaluation was performed. Mercerized depreciation.

4) dimensional stability

The mechanical shrinkage method or the immersion shrinkage method is used to measure the change of the length of the fabric before and after the treatment, and the shrinkage rate is calculated by the formula. Generally, the warp shrinkage rate is often greater than the latitudinal direction, but some varieties with higher density have a negative shrinkage rate (increased door width).



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