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3D Silicone Oil 2

In 2016, West Sue is a new material through a lot of research, a breakthrough through traditional thinking, the introduction of the concept of directional polymerization, based on the third generation of silicone oil, using a special synthesis method, silicone oil molecules in specific goals and in subsequent synthetic ways to introduce more functional groups aimed , to impart better performance and active silicone oil, make it more superior to fabric. Therefore, its molecular structure is not limited to linear or flat, but in terms of spatial structure, new changes and additions have appeared; therefore, it can also be called three-dimensional silicone oil.

Therefore, it can be seen that the spatial structure of the fourth generation silicone oil is more complex and changeable! Simply put, the first generation silicone oil looks like a brick, the second generation silicone oil is a wall, the third generation Silicone oil is a simple house, and the fourth generation, thanks to the development and expansion of space technologies, an increase in the number of variables, can be turned into a villa or even in a skyscraper.


In addition to differences in structure and performance, the appearance of 3D silicone oil is sometimes reflected. For example, the density of silicone oil is lower than that of ordinary silicone oil. In a state of emulsion, sometimes three-dimensional silicone oil may seem to be a false plastic phenomenon, etc. This is due to the stereoscopic and regular nature of the spatial structure, which leads to crystallization of molecules in a steady state, which impairs flowability. However, under the influence of temperature or external force, the fluidity of 3D silicone oil can be quickly restored.

In 2016, Sisu led the development and mass production of 3D silicone oil, but this is only a very small part of the structure of fourth-generation silicone oil, and fourth-generation silicone oil still has many possibilities. Therefore, we warmly welcome all of you to join hands and work together to open up new opportunities.

Currently, 3D SISU silicone oil has basically two directions: one is an ultra-low dosage, the other is the same bath with staining, and breakthroughs have been made. All of them should thank customers for their support and understanding of SISU in the last season of the year.

Any new thing and new technology will have to pay a high price! Currently, 3D silicone oil is in an empty situation in China, without the support of a large amount of data and application practices, the risks still exist. Since 2016, with bold practice, rigorous testing, ongoing research and innovation, SISU XINCAI has gained a lot of valuable data and experience in application and practice, laying a solid foundation for the development of 3D silicone oil.


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