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3D Silicone Oil 1

Textile silicone oil has gone through one, two, three generations of development, from the simplest methyl silicone oil to aminosilicone oil, and then to terpolymeric silicone oil, has developed many excellent products.

The second-generation aminosilicone oil from the simple structure of methylsilicone oil, based on the introduction of various functional groups that make the degree of slip and softness of the fabric, made many improvements, but its molecules are characteristics of soluble oil, make it adapts to the textile-chemical complex of the aquatic environment, all sorts of limitations appear such as high temperature demulsification, saline demulsification, shear demulsification, etc.

Silicone oil of the third generation, it is the structure of the original aminosilicone oil, continues to introduce a water-soluble functional group, changes the polarity of silicone oil molecules, facilitating dispersion in the system of the aqueous phase and the formation of nanometer level. Silicone oil emulsions, when working with fabrics, can quickly penetrate into the deep layers of the fibers of the fabric of the organization, provides handles that are more abundant for the fabric, for example, fluffy, soft waxy, smooth, loose, etc.

Typically, the molecular structure of a block silicone oil is a recurring combination of polymer fragments of silicone oil and water-soluble polymer fragments through chemical reactions and linear copolymerization, usually in the form of (AB) n, therefore it is also called linear silicone oil. The molecular weight of each silicone oil variety was adjusted, and the type of water-based polymer was changed with a relatively small number of variables.


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