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Анализ 27 Распространенных Дефектов Печати И Их Причины 3

19. Knitting with a print

Description of the defect: deprive the non-print portion of the printed fabric that is caused by the crease.

Analysis of the reasons: most of them are caused by creasing of the printed gray fabric, poor seam, excessive tension of the fabric and creasing of the printed lining.


20. Color is not clean or does not paint.

Description of the defect: unclear white pattern, color pattern or the effect of applying the dye.

Analysis of causes: occurs under conditions of improper prophylaxis, excretion, color paste, scraping, or conditions of hair dyeing (evaporation).


21. Printing ink dry

Description: Pattern defect caused by cracks in color paste after printing.

Analysis of reasons: due to improper printing or viscosity of the paste is not suitable.


22. Rope bands

Defect description: strip on printed fabric, on which traces of rope or rod used in the evaporation process remained.

Analysis of causes: this occurs when the engineering evaporation temperature is too high or the processing and setting temperatures are too low.


23.Rock color

Defect description: discoloration or pollution caused by contact of calico fabric with rope or rod during evaporation

Analysis of the reasons: mainly due to condensation of steam in a rope or rod caused.


24. Remove needle or clamp

Description of the defect: a defect caused by the removal of the needle or clamp or the incorrect state of the inside of the stent.

Analysis of the causes: many cases are caused by poor clamping or clamping, incorrect track and abnormal width of the fabric.


25. White spot

Description of the defect: a defect caused by the inability to print part of the pattern with color paste.

The reason for the analysis: often on the screen of a film attached to a foreign body or fabric of yarn, foreign substances, so that the color paste is printed on the situation.


26. Beatles Split

Defect description: a white surface defect that occurs when a fabric is stretched or bent.

Analysis of the reasons: the viscosity of the color paste, mesh, scraping pressure and other conditions are not suitable when the color paste does not penetrate well.


27. Sign (cloud spot).

Defect description: ripples on printed pattern.

Reason Analysis: Occurs when the screen mesh or print drum groove overlaps the printed fabric yarn structure, causing interference.

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