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Solvent dyes for plastic

Except Organic pigments, solvent dyes are also widely used in Plastic industry, such as PA6, PA-66, ABS and PC.

For plastic application, normally we will control the FPV value under 2 with 1500Mesh test.Solvent dyes are used in plastic and ink coloring. They are insoluble in water.For the time being, we are offering below items:

Solvent Yellow 21

Solvent Yellow 82

Solvent Yellow 19

Solvent Yellow 79

Solvent Yellow 25

Solvent Yellow 114

Solvent Red 8

Solvent Red 109

Solvent Red 122

Solvent Red 119

Solvent Red 132

Solvent Red 218

Solvent Red 32

Solvent Red 49

Solvent Red 124

Solvent Orange 45

Solvent Orange 54

Solvent Orange 62

Solvent Orange 99

Solvent Blue 70

Solvent Brown 43

Solvent Black 27

Solvent Black 34

Solvent Black 28

Solvent Black 29

If you were interested in buying solvent dyes,please feel free to contact with us.

27th,Feb, 2017


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