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New Product----Bismuth Yellow

Bismuth Yellow is also called 184 yellow,Titanium bismuth yellow. At present, the products HIC Huiyou New Material produced have Molybdenum Bismuth Yellow
and Bismuth Vanadium Tetraoxide two kinds of types. Bismuth yellow is a kind of yellow powder paint with good dispersity and it is insoluble in organics. Bismuth Yellow PY 184, Bismuth Vanadium Tetraoxide and Molybdenum Bismuth Yellow have excellent properties such as environmental non-toxic, corrosion resistance and superior luster. Bismuth Yellow PY 184 is a new type of high environmental protection pigment.

Product Information:
Product Name: Bismuth Yellow Pigment, Bismuth Yellow, Pigment Yellow 184(PY 184), Bismuth Vanadium Tetraoxide, Molybdenum Bismuth Yellow.
CAS Number: CAS 14059-33-7
Index Number: Pigment Yellow 184 / 771740
Chemical Composition: BiVO4•Bi2MoO4

Bismuth Yellow is a kind of inorganic compound pigment yellow powder with good dispersity, superior luster, excellent heat resistance, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance and solvent resistance.

Product Feature:
1. Bismuth Yellow has good thermostability and good dispersity.
2. Bismuth Yellow has excellent resistance to chemical, and with no bleeding and migration.
3. In compare to Titanium Yellow, the biggest advantage of Bismuth Yellow (Bismuth Yellow PY 184) is its tinting strength is 3-4 times higher.
4. Because the composition containing metal are more valuable, the cost of Bismuth Yellow is higher than Titanium Yellow.
5. Thermostability of Bismuth Yellow (Bismuth Yellow PY 184) is lower than TiNi’s, so it is appropriate to choose Titanium Yellow when used to produce high temperature paint.
6. Bismuth Yellow (Bismuth Yellow PY 184) has low toxicity, LD50>50mg/kg. No lead, can be used to lead-free products.
7. Bismuth Yellow (Bismuth Yellow PY 184) is bright lemon, its vividness almost close to the yellow organic pigment with high performance.
8. Bismuth Yellow’s (Bismuth Yellow PY 184) solvent resistance, acid and alkali resistance are excellent and light loss rate to exposure is low, so it is a kind of high performance pigment with weather resistance.
9. Bismuth Yellow’s (Bismuth Yellow PY 184) can meet the requirement of production of all kind of plastics.

Technical Index:
Moisture content /%: ≤0.1
Heat resistance: 200°C         Density: 7.7
Water suspension PH; 6-8   Oil absorption: 14

Item Index
Appearance Yellow power
Color Green and yellow/ Red and yellow
Density (g/cm3) 5.9
PH value 7.2
Oil absorption (g/100g) 25-30
325 Screen residue (%) 0.1
Hydrotrope 0.5
105°C Volatile matter (%) 0.5
Heat resistance (°C) 200
Light fastness 8
Acid resistance 5
Alkali resistance 8
Color index PY-184
Average grain diameter (μm) 0.8

Bismuth Yellow Sheet

Product Name Bismuth Yellow/PY-184 Molybdenum Bismuth Yellow/PY-184
C.I. NO. 771740 771740
Appearance Red and yellow Green and yellow
Heat resistance 200°C 200°C
Light fastness 8 8
Weather resistance 5 5
PH 7.2 7.2
Average grain diameter (μm) 0.8 0.8

Product application:
Bismuth Yellow mainly used for automobile coating, powder coating, coil coating, water-based paint, light fast coating, weather-resistant coating, Uv coating, high-temperature resistant coating, architectural coating, engineering plastics coloring, color master batch, printing ink(color ink, watermark ink, die stamping ink,etc.).

Bismuth Yellow is environmental non-toxic, can be applied to fields which require better environmental performance, like food packaging, food container, toys, tableware, etc.

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